Locust’s eyes can help save lives

Insects are probably the most underappreciated part of the natural ecosystem. Yet, if we realized how much of the world's technology was dependent on the very existence of bugs, our reaction to them might not be so negative. Modern technology has been largely influenced by insect behaviour. A spider's unique way of communicating paved the... Continue Reading →



As I was working on the final assignment, I thought about why it is important for us to learn about technology and the applications that we use to navigate it. There are some very important factors such as basic computer literacy skills, which are very good for jobs and school. There is also the artistic... Continue Reading →

The Kinora Viewer

The Kinora viewer was one of the precursors to stop animation and modern cinema. Like the phenakistocope or zoetrope, it was created as a tool to make static images appear animated. Unlike the phenakistocope, which uses images on a circular piece of paper and has to be spun for the animation to happen, the Kinora... Continue Reading →

Black Mirror Reality

The relations between the Netflix Series Black Mirror and Google's newest invention of the Google Home will be discussed. Based on one of my other courses, the discussion between Technology and Information was raised. We studied how new technology has an impact on the overall, politcal, economic, cultural and social values of the society. Black Mirror is... Continue Reading →

WellTrack- what is it exactly?

Have you heard? York University recently sent out an email that had nothing to do with strikes, the new York U station that is supposedly opening in 2 weeks, or a security bulletin update! This time it is advertising an application that is apparently “just in time to help you (students of York U) manage... Continue Reading →

Why You Should Use Canva.

Last week in class we talked about infographics and one of the websites used was Canva. Canva is a website where you can create social media banners, posters, book covers, wallpapers, business cards and tons of other designs. With templates, fonts, photos, Canva has everything you need to create your own unique design.  According to... Continue Reading →

Image forensics

Here are some tips from Hani Farid, a image forensics expert and professor of computer science at Darmouth College. how can you tell when an image is fake? is it plausible? do shadows and light match the environment or they look out of place? can you draw a perspective line to match all the key... Continue Reading →

Beware of Fake News

As a follow up on our discussion on fake news and how to detect them, here are a few strategies that you may use: use your brain! does it look implausible? then maybe it is not real check different sources: do they give contradictory results? where is the first news generated from? is it a... Continue Reading →


Mark Poster (This essay appears as Chapter 2 in my book The Second Media Age (Blackwell 1995)   As the existing society is represented as being flawed, Postmodern culture is an alternative to a more equitable, better life when a new kind of individual appears. The focus on new modes of communication was about the improvement that... Continue Reading →

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